Schodack NY Speeding Ticket Attorney

At 63 square miles, Schodack is the largest municipality in Rensselaer County and is bordered by both the Hudson River and Columbia County. It's also very close to downtown Albany, where attorney Randall Kehoe has been practicing Vehicle & Traffic law since 1990. If you have been cited for speeding or some other violation of the NYS V&T law in Schodack and would like to hire an experienced attorney to represent you, consider Mr. Kehoe's considerable experience and affordable fees. He is familiar with the local courts and process and knows what to expect from particular charges and circumstances. Mr. Kehoe charges flat fees for New York speeding tickets and other traffic matters in Rensselaer County, both violations and misdmeanors. With our office, you will know how much your case will cost before paying. If you are concerned about your insurance rates increasing, license points, drving restrictions, and heavy court fines from a traffic ticket conviction, call our office for a free consultation and Mr. Kehoe can beging to tailor a plan of approach to resolving your ticket in the Schodack Justice Court. We defend clients charged with speeding (1180), passed school bus, failure to yield, leaving the scene of an accident, following too closely, suspended license, unregistered vehicle, aggravated unlicensed operator (A.U.O.), scofflaw, 1144 A (Ambrose-Searles "Move Over Act"), etc.

How Should I Proceed With My Case?

If you would like to hire our office to defend your case, please contact us to discuss the details of your case. We will need a few documents including: A copy of your ticket or any documents you have received from the Schodack Town Justice Court. We will also need a copy of your Driving Abstract which will attest to the status of your past driving history. You can obtain this from your local Motor Vehicle Department (which have different names in different states and Canada). We will also need a copy of the Waiver document we will send to you which must be signed before a Notary Public. We accept payment by credit/debit card over the phone or online via Paypal. We also accept cash, money orders, and checks.

What Should I Expect in Court?

This is one of the most frequest questions we are asked to answer when people contact our office. After so many years experience in Rensselaer and courts throughout the state, we can give you an idea of what to expect depending on your original charge and past driving history. Of course, in the end, the court and Judge will make the final decision. So that you can see for yourself what to expect from your case, we have begun posting fine notices from real cases that we have handled. You can view them at our website - NY Speeding Ticket Fines.

* If you are an attorney or law firm seeking of counsel in the Schodack Town Court or any other court in Rensselaer County, NY, please contact us with details.